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Quality Control
Complete Order Process
   Parts Design (client may provide completed 3D files)
The tooling process begins with a completed and checked part design. Tianqin can optionally optimize your design for Design before tooling in order to lower your costs and ensure that your design will work well when molding
   Parts Prototyping (if necessary)
If you would like to validate your parts design with a machined piece that you can see and feel, tianqin can use Computer Numerical Control (CNC) techniques to prototype your parts.
    Mould Design
At this stage the tool is designed, using the information from your completed Tooling Information Worksheet.
   Mould Check and Mold Flow Analysis
The tool design is validated for correctness.
   Mould Fabrication (including use of Computerized Numerical Control (CNC) and Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) technologies)
The tool is precisely fabricated according to the validated design.
   Mould first Shots To Client
Once the injection molds or smc&bmc molds are finished, the first test t sample will be sent out soon via international courier.It usually takes around 3-5 days to arrive.
   Mould Modifications and Texturing
At this stage Tianqin completes the mould and makes any required modifications to bring the tool into the approved spec. Usually modifications made to bring the mold to spec are free of charge by Tianqin. At this stage, texturing also takes place for the mold, which is normally the last stage before mass production.
   Mould Mass Production Run or Export
At this stage, parts are produced and delivered to the customers, or the mould is released for export use.

Mould Quality Control
We have our own complete production and management system with quality control in every production cycle. It ranges: from plastic product structure design to the feasibility of mould structure design, from raw material purchasing to raw material inspection, from raw material processing technology selection to parts quality inspection, from parts assembly to mould integrated detection, mould test and other related manufacturing process.
   1. Product Design Analysis: Analyzes product structure, wall thickness, parting line seletion, draft angle, product outside and inside, significant dimensions, etc.
   2. Mould Design Analysis: Analyzes mould parting line, mould core-pulling system, gating system, cooling system, processing technology, guiding system, mechanical intensity of every part and so on.
   3. Arrange mould parts processing technology and confirm processing technological parameter.
   4. Test every mould part during processing, make sure there is no defect flows to the next step, particularly on the dimensions of mould parting line and mould parts fitting.
   5. Control on mould assembly
   6. Control on mould test
   7. Sample inspection report
   8. Modification after customer's feedback
   9. Test on mould assembly
   10. Inspection before delivery
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