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Mould Development Procedure
   1. ESI (Earlier Supplier Involvement): During this period, we have a discussion with our customers on items such as product design and mould development. In this way, we can have a better understanding about product designers' intention and their requirements. Meanwhile, designers can see our mould production capability for them to make more effective designs.
   2. Quotation: it includes mould price, mould life, mould turnover procedure, required machine size and time of delivery. (Detailed quotation should include information such as product and mould size and weight.)
   3. Purchase Order: customers place orders, transfer deposit and we take over the orders.
   4. Production Planning and Schedule Arrangement: send processing schedule and confirmed delivery time to customers.
   5. Mould Design: design software can be Pro/Engineer, UG, Solidworks, Auto CAD,CATIA, etc.
   6. Material Preparation
   7. Mould Processing: it includes milling, heat treatment, CNC, EDM, WEDM, Jig Grinding, laser engraving, polishing, etc.
   8. Mould Assembly
   9. Mould Trial Run
   10. Sample Evaluation Report (SER)
   11. SER Approval
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