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Equipment Pictures
Our Equipments & Machines £º
Hydraulic Press Machine: 100t, 200t, 315t, 500t, 800t, 1000t. (We can test mould with size max. 3m*2.4m)

500t Compressing machine

800t Compressing machine

Heating Equipment£º
oil temperature controller, used for mould oil pipe heating, with temperature max. 180¡æ. Temperature difference between different areas is within 10¡æ

oil heating machine

oil circuit test

Hydraulic Work Station£º
used for side core-pulling and ejection.

Vacuum equipment£º
used for the mould for product with high appearance requirements.Mould is vacuumized during molding, vacuum degree is less than 100Pa. It can increase the liquidity and filling property of SMC to avoid defects on product surface.

BMC & SMC Manufacturing Facility£º
BMC kneading Machine, SMC sheeting machine

FRP Spraying Equipment:
automatic spraying machine, mainly used for FRP mould and parts production, hand lay-up mould and parts production to increase the quality of product surface and production efficiency.

Spraying Equipment
Mould Processing Equipment£º
CNC machining center, wire-electrode cutting, EDM machine, drilling machine, milling machine, grinding machine, totally more than 20sets.
wire-electrode cutting EDM machine CNC
Mould Measuring Equipment£º
used for control of sizes of key parts and mould test samples during mould process.
1.CMC measuring equipment
2.Projection equipment


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